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Handicrafts have been an integral part of society for several reasons, despite various technologies and changes in society have come in trend. Handicrafts are basically defined as handmade goods made using hand art and skills. Handicrafts in India are being made from centuries and people around the world love these. We being leading Indian handicraft importer from India, avail a wide array of beautiful handmade crafts.

But in India like many other developing countries it is the main source of employment for a vast majority of the population, next to agriculture.

Handicrafts can be defined simply as objects made by the skill of the hand and which carry a part of the creator as well as centuries of evolutionary tradition. It can range from the simple clay- lamps to the diamond -studded jewellery items. Handicrafts consists of objects created by skilled people for religious rituals, like wedding and celebrations and for personal use as well as luxurious ones created by specialised craftsmen for specific requirements. Handicrafts bring a great sense of grace to every home be it the poor hut or the opulent star hotel. There is a timeless quality in these craft objects, for they have evolved over centuries and continue to be made even today with the same sentiment.

Singh & Dawson was established in 2011 by globe trotting collectors with a keen eye for recognizing the very best of regional art and handicrafts.

The collectors had a deep insight into the knowledge of the land from where the art originated, were familiar with the artisans and the conditions in which they created masterpieces and were great raconteurs when it came to art!

They are supporting a team of more than 400 artisans who work for them with sincere dedication.

All care is taken about the working conditions of the artisans, their health, sanitation and housing in neat and clean environment.

Care is also taken that the children go to school and not work for their parents for money. Enough is paid to the artisans to send their children to school. All fair trade practices are used for the production of the goods for this company.

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